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Lifetime Health Optimization 

Quant Biomarker is a Swiss life science, technology company. It focuses on Longevity Medicine using AI to develop personal biomarker panels. These panels are for the targeted and early detection of chronic conditions to achieve a healthy lifespan.

Company Goals

Quant Biomarkers' primary mission is to advance biomarker technologies, predict risks for the onset of chronic diseases to identify targets for personalized medical interventions

We target biology of aging as our foundation for disease prevention

QuantBio combines longitudinal clinical, health records & wellness data to evaluate multiple dimensions of aging. We complement this data with virtual tissue modelling and Artificial Intelligence, to tangibly improve the quality of an individual's lifespan


Who we are

Quant Biomarkers is a data-driven biotechnology company that specialises in quantitative assessment of biomarkers of human longevity and in development of personalised biomarker panels as early targets for interventions in aging diseases


Develop practical applications of biomarker panels to enable the delivery of personalised and precision medical management



Disrupt the current healthcare system by advancing new biomarker technologies for early detection of health decay leading to disease, and introduction of preventive care interventions


Unlock the biology of aging for individuals personalized care to avoid disorders at early ages and improve quality of life at older age


We work with high-quality longitudinal human data and medical records that enable us to correlate our biological measurements with health outcomes. We use Proprietary Virtual Cell technology to determine which pathways are most strongly associated with diseases onset and identify critical intervention targets for healthy longevity


We develop tools that guide and empower medical decision-making, by all the stakeholders in the patient ecosystem

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Our company strategic imperative:

Quant Biomarker’s focus is to drive for sustainable, preventive, and scalable digital health solutions for Healthy Lifespan


Our strategic direction is in developing personalised biomarker panels for aging related chronic diseases and selection of endpoints for interventions and multitreatment modalities


Our Deliverables

Proprietary products:

  • AI-based Algorithms for disease risk predictions and early interventions

  • Personalized medical intervention protocols

  • Tissue-specific Biomarker Panels for diagnostic use

  • New Biomarker IP for therapeutics

  • Digital Twin consumer application for Real-Time Data exchange & timely Interventions


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