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About Quant Biomarkers

We are a longevity tech company

that delivers predictive, personalized solutions for early detection of root cause of aging & new targets for regenerative medicines


Quant Biomarkers' primary mission is to advance new biomarker technologies for healthy lifespan and support interventions in longevity medicine

"Our focus is on developing personalised biomarker panels for early detection of health decay leading to disease and prevent health impairment to improve quality of life",  

Sanja Tomovska, PhD

Founder & CEO


Dr Sanja Tomovska led the panel moderation on investments in Innovative biotechnology, health tech ventures and nutritional science for Longevity at World Economic Forum 2022 at Davos

Thomas Nirnberger spoke on Practical applications of Biomarkers of Aging, using breakthrough cell & tissue technology to enable interventions for disease prevention


Our Journey

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