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Key Use Cases

We target to bring products for various healthcare system users

Use Case 1

Laboratory & Research Institutions, Clinics, Diagnostics Companies

Biomarker panels & Companion Diagnostic Data.

At the intersection of medical science and digital technology we augment access to optimized, effective care decisions for clinicians, lab heads , medical & diagnostics professionals.


Use Case 2

Insurance Industry

Risk Predictions for hedging underwriting

Insurances can be more accurate and more confidence in risk predictions by using scientifically proven our biomarkers


Disease Prevention

Based on validated biomarkers insurance companies can help their customers together with us prevent disease development and progression and ensure healthy ageing


They can save costs through decreasing insurance policy payouts


Use Case 3

Advanced R&D for Pharma &
Biotech Industry

The discovery of biomarkers and drug targets for aging-related diseases enables the development of effective medicines and companion diagnostics for preventative precision medicine


Use Case 4

Longevity Clinics & Hospitals

Real-Time Data & timely Intervention in the Point of Care


Combining access to longitudinal medical data, advanced analytics with novel cell and tissue
Simulation technology will enable personal intervention plans rooted in proper biological and
medical science

Longevity Clinics.png
Lab Experiments
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